Kontrrazvedka coverNestor Makhno (1888-1934) was a peasant anarcho-communist who organized an experiment in anarchist values in practice in southeast Ukraine during the Russian Revolution and Civil War.

"The Russian Revolution in Ukraine" is the first volume of his memoirs which covers the two Russian revolutions of 1917 and the beginnings of the Civil War from the point of view of a peasant activist in a Ukrainian village.

240 pp; includes introduction by Sean McInally-Boomer, glossary, explanatory notes, and photos. This is a complete translation of the original 1929 Russian edition. Contemporary Russian editions often cut out two-thirds of the material in this volume, the only one of Makhno's three-volume memoirs which was published during his lifetime.

$24.95    ISBN 978-0-9737827-1-4



Nestor Makhno

"Externally Makhno did not create the impression of being an outstanding person. Short in stature with a sallow complexion, he was poorly educated and his health was anything but robust. But in the imaginations of the people Makhno more than other leaders fit the concept of "hero". He wasn't a cabinet minister or a staff officer manipulating the lives of thousands of people by signing orders. He was a politician and a commander inseparable from the milieu of the people — he was one of them and he remained one of them. Directly risking his own life and an expert in the use of weaponry, he possessed the same virtues and suffered from the same flaws as the people themselves. In times of peace he lived the simple life of an ordinary person."

– V. Chop