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The Story of Maria Nikiforova
– the Anarchist Joan of Arc

by Malcolm Archibald

The Ukrainian anarchist Maria Nikiforova (1885-1919) rose from the slums of the industrial city of Alexandrovsk to become a ferocious military commander who sacrificed everything for the Russian Revolution.

A terrorist from the age of 16 she fought for freedom of the oppressed on three continents and ended up on trial for her life on at least four occasions.

Once a nationally famous revolutionary, noted for her oratorical and martial skills as well as her implacable hatred of the bourgeoisie, her story was suppressed and forgotten for decades. Only in the last decade has there has been a revival of interest in her life.

This biography is based on recent research on Nikiforova by Russian and Ukrainian historians as well as archival documents.

52 pp. with bibliography

ISBN 978-0-9737827-0-7  $5.95