Kontrrazvedka coverFields, Factories and Workshops


Industry Combined with Agriculture and Brain Work with Manual Work

by Peter Kropotkin

Fields, Factories and Workshops is a landmark anarchist text and arguably one of the most influential and positive statements of the anarchist political position. Kropotkin's inspiration has reached into the 21st century as a lasting vision of a more harmonious way of living, of a new world. To a large degree Kropotkin's emphasis is on local organization and local production obviating the need for central government. Kropotkin's vision is also based on agriculture and rural life making it a contrasting perspective to the largely industrial thinking of communists and socialists.

"Peter Kropotkin...was recognized by friend and foe as one of the greatest minds...of the nineteenth century... The lucidity and brilliance of his mind combined with his warm-heartedness into the harmonious whole of a fascinating and gracious personality." —Emma Goldman

"Kropotkin's deductions are as controversial and revolutionary today as they were when he formulated them... They are arguments in fact for revolutionary changes in the direction of industry and agriculture. They are pointers to a different kind of future... a plausible future." —Colin Ward

368 pages, pocket size, round-cornered

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ISBN 978-1-926878-03-4