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Selected Short Works of John Reed

edited by J. Hawthorn

Introduction by Sean McInally-Boomer

Though best known for his coverage of the Russian Revolution in his 1919 book Ten Days That Shook the World, the American writer John Reed was also well known for his journalism, and made many contributions to the coverage and analysis of the left-wing movements of his time. Selected Short Works of John Reed gives readers access to a selection of these lesser-known writings.



  1. A Taste of Justice
  2. War in Paterson
  3. The Traders' War
  4. Mac – American
  5. What About Mexico?
  6. The Worst Thing in Europe
  7. A Daughter of the Revolution
  8. Love at Sea
  9. Roosevelt Sold Them Out
  10. Whose War?
  11. One Solid Month of Liberty
  12. The Structure of the Soviet State
  13. Bolshevism in America
  14. The Origins of Workers' Control of Industry in Russia
  15. They Are Still There!
  16. Liar of Just Doesn't Know?
  17. Aspects of the Russian Revolution
  18. Karl Liebknecht's Words
  19. From the Revolutionary Workers of America to the Oppressed People of the East

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