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The Revolt of Ghent

by William Morris


William Morris (1834—1896) was a poet, novelist, and socialist, but he is best remembered today for his design work, which included fabrics, household objects, and books. Morris had a life-long interest in the Middle Ages.

Morris’s history of the revolt of Ghent is mainly a retelling of the story as originally recounted by the medieval historian Froissart. But the framework and the episodes selected are chosen to emphasize one of Morris’s particular interests: the development of the conflict between the craft guilds on the one hand and the merchant guilds and aristocracy on the other. Besides being intensely interesting from the historical point of view, this little book provides one with wonderful insight into class distinctions prevailing in the thirteenth century. It is, indeed, a moving chapter in the terrible story of the class struggle through the ages.

This is a reprint, with corrections, of the 1910 edition published by Twentieth Century Press.

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