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Upon the Backs of Labour

Unruly Working Class Essays

by Arthur J. Miller

edited by Leah Coakley

Working people have almost lost their voice of self-expression. Our history, culture, and expressions of our hopes and desires are handed to us by either so-called authorities on labour or as mass market produced commodities.

We need to reclaim our voice of self-expression. We do not need others, with their own purposes, speaking for us. Our reclaiming of our voice will be an act of direct action. For there is no one else, but ourselves, that we can trust to speak for us.

The essays you hold in your hands are first hand accounts of working class life. I am not an authority on labour, I am just a working stiff giving voice to what I see around me. — Arthur J. Miller.

The chapters are:

 1. Blazing A Path through Reality to Our Dreams
 2. Because
 3. Why Do They Take So Much, and Leave Us with So Little?
 4. We, the Workers
 5. Riding a Wildcat Down
 6. Berry Picking in Oregon
 7. The Legacy of the Bunker Hill Mine
 8. Truckin' into Reality
 9. Thinking Like a Worker
10. Remembering Old Fiddlin' Dan
11. What Ever Happened to the Eight Hour Day?
12. The Fate of the New Carissa
13. Principles of Labour Solidarity
14. Turnaround In Oil
15. On Developing Working Class Environmentalism
16. On Communication
17. A Dinosaur's Tale
18. Ralph Chaplin Hanging Out with Chief Leschi In Tacoma
19. No One Is Illegal
20. May Day
21. Working: No More Than a Wage Slave
22. Working Class Culture
23. An Open Letter to the FBI
24. Solidarity
25. Maybe We Need a Parasites' Union?
26. There Will Be No Separate Peace
27. Not One Day Longer

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